What happens when a body has been disappeared? What artistic and ethic discourse can construct a work of contemporary dance facing this problem that affects our manner of being in life?

A disappeared body is an absence and at the same time a presence that accompanies us in our daily life, by the tension caused by expectation of its apparition, caused by the tension of imagining where could it be, by the latency of standing by. Our imagination / memory/ sensation of that body that isn’t present, gives presence to it, and this at the same time constructs a physicality. We give body to absence. The center of this investigation sustains that a disappeared body implies and compromises the present bodies of a society, is a resistance against the body being consumed by the passing of time, indifference or apathy.

TRICK is a result of an international collaboration between the Mexican creator Olga Gutiérrez and the Argentine creator Lucía Disalvo.

The creation process for this work was done in three stages: October 2015 and February 2016 in the city of Guadalajara (Mexico) with the support of the institutions Torres Bodet Theater, Jalisco’s Experimental Theater and de Contemporary Art Museum MURA. The third stage was between November and December 2016 in Buenos Aires (Argentina) counting with the coproduction of the Müller Café, PRODANZA’s subsidy for creation and the collaboration of the Venue and Cultural Center Sábato.    


  • Original idea and Artistic direction: : Olga Gutiérrez
  • Scene investigators: Lucía Magdalena Disalvo, Julián Dubié, Laila Gelerstein and Luciano Denicotti
  • Artistic research: Lucía Magdalena Disalvo, Julián Dubié, Laila Gelerstein, Olga Gutiérrez and Laura Aguerreberry
  • Sound: Patricio Lisandro Ortiz
  • Graphic design: Pablo Hernandes
  • Production assistant: Laila Gelerstein
  • International management: Lucía Magdalena Disalvo and Olga Gutiérrez
  • Production: Laboratorio puntoD, Café Müller and  Subsidio PRODANZA

Presentaciones 2016

  • Museum of Contemporary Art MURA (Guadalajara, México)
  • La Sede (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Café Müller (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
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