WAH is a tetralogy of choreographic production that is woven with the social context in which it is produced; it is a dialogue with the Mexican political, social and economic situation between the 2012-2018 period. It was design a year before the 2012 presidential election, based on the question: How is our social body?

As a way to make an analogy between the choreographic body (the scene) and the social body (society), the creator Olga Gutiérrez thinks about each work of the tetralogy from a premise or subject to work. The performance «2012« spoke of the social transition caused by the return of the PRI to the presidency; «2014« spoke about other ways of producing reality and proposed hacking, as a strategy to get rid of those outdated social representations; In «2016« she spoke of governance through questioning What other governance could we organize? and proposed new possibilities of being in a group; In «2018» is about the representation and representativity.

WAH is the way how the choreographer put her body to speak about one of the most violent sexenios -after 1968-, product of the PRI party regimen, the neoliberal politics and the drug trafficking.

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