The body can make decisions and sometimes, even without making them, ir bursts or explodes. Suddenly, your stomach breaks on the table where a business meeting is being held, it sets just in the middle of what is supposed to happen, or what already happened and we hace to incorpore in our lives. In Gold Tooth our bodies are stomachs, bursting plans of cool headed people.

Gold Tooth is the result of an international collaboration between Mexican creator Olga Gutiérrez and Spaniard creator Raquel Tomàs.

Gold Tooth is a piece resultant of the artistic investigation entitled “I started working on burning the bodies” in charge of Olga Gutiérrez (Mexico), Temoc Camacho (Mexico) and Raquel Tomàs (Spain), with the collaboration of Daniela López (Mexico) who after several work phases in art residences associated to creation programs and Festivals in Uruguay, Mexico and Spain, finalize their process in the Graner and premiere at the Sâlmon< Festival.

Gold Tooth and I started working on burning the bodies are projects designed and managed by Laboratorio puntoD in collaboration with Raquel Tomàs.


  • Scenic co-direction: Olga Gutiérrez y Raquel Tomás
  • Movement and Choreography: Olga Gutiérrez
  • Dramaturgy: Raquel Tomás y Temoc Camacho
  • Lighting: Daniela López
  • Executive Production: Daniela López
  • Production: Laboratorio puntoD y Raquel Tomás
  • Co-production MEXICO: International Encounter of Contemporary Scenic Art EINCE, Arts Center of San Luis Potosí (CEARTSLP) and Transversal – SPAIN: PICE Mobility Program (AC / E), El Graner and SÂLMON <FESTIVAL – URUGUAY: Artists in Residence Program (PAR), International Festival of Contemporary Dance of Uruguay (FIDCU)

2016 presentations

  • International Dance Festival FIDCU (Montevideo, Uruguay)
  • Transverse Festival – Center for the Arts (San Luis Potosí, Mexico)
  • SÂLMON<FESTIVAL (Barcelona, España)
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