For what make a Festival?

EINCE is an initiative based on the development of an audience interested in culture, art manifestations of contemporary dance, expanded scene and stage arts.

It participates on the development of the dance and theater community of Guadalajara, as well as strengthening the social fabric, the advancement, defense of access to culture and improves the cultural life of society in general, as well as vulnerable societies in particular.

It promotes the collaboration and coproduction between local, national and international artists by proposing exchange spaces for know-how and stage art contexts that can benefit future projects. 

EINCE has demonstrated in its eleven editions that Guadalajara’s audience is interested in going to the theater, avid of proposals with a greater scenic risk, with better production and an open an direct dialogue with the spectator; this has been proven in the audience affluence to shows and activities in its editions, which have been greater than the one local shows normally have. Also, it has been demonstrated that a great interest for spectacles and interdisciplinary plays with hybrid languages exists.

Since 2006, EINCE has developed an activity program in public spaces with the objective of:

  • Reaching out stage art to a non-consumer audience with the goal of generating a preference for this manifestation.
  • Reaching out stage art to a community of difficult access to scenic spectacles, with the goal of integrate art to different programs and social and community development spaces.
  • Decentralize cultural activities and take them to less attended zones in the city of Guadalajara.
  • Impact positively on the life of people and motivate use and appropriation of the public space and boost in a creative and attractive manner the search of a better life quality by contributing in developing their cultural life.
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