The word emergency usually has to meanings. The first suggests a disaster. Something is in crisis, it inquires a state of things, it indicates a necessity and this necessity propitiates change. The other meaning comes from this, that implies the capability of emerging. What emerges involves its own contingency. Something that concerns another thing, that happens in and with it. It’s an exercise that a body can only make by itself, determining itself. Thus, between provenance in crisis and emergency there’s a further path. 

In State of emergency, bodies experiment the further path of the butterfly and the rock. One movement over the other, a drop after another, a breath after another, they punch holes, violate and transform the previous thing. In this piece bodies assimilate their own inertness of life to let themselves tilt, to allow themselves to fall, to stand up in their own feet, to walk, turn and run. They are chased by emergency: their bones, their muscle fibers, their blood and sweat are, at the same time, symptom and means of transformation. With this practice a feature of the human condition is stated, one that even though is essential, it’s often hidden from sight at stage and daily life: life, before being form, reveals energy, and it is revealed as a motor.

In the making of this work, show after show, consciousness of what doesn’t perish, but transforms, is practiced. In its persistent movement, body is being, it becomes within itself and with the other, it raises a context, it makes a situation that mutates every time. A constant appearance where infinity arises.

Luis Conde

State of Emergency is a coproduction between the groups mákinadT (Mérida, Mexico) and Laboratory puntoD (Guadalajara, Mexico) in collaboration with the group Cena 11 (Florianopolis, Brazil). The project was created by means of two artistic residences held on 2017 in Sao Paulo, Brazil with the Brazilian choreographer Alejandro Ahmed and in the city of Mérida, Yucatán in Mexico. 

This project addresses the choreographic work towards coherence, the ritual and the emergency on corporal movement. Laboratory puntoD and makinadT are two young groups that search for creation methods and that constantly relation with other artists, positioning their work in an encounter space and are compromised with choreographic statements.


  • General and artistic production: Laboratorio puntoD y mákinadT
  • Choreography and performers: Diana Bayardo, Gervasio Cetto Bojórquez y Olga Gutiérrez
  • Illumination design: Luis Conde
  • Sound design: Kenji Kishi Leopo
  • Dramaturgical advice: Luis Conde
  • Co-production: IBERESCENA, Cena 11, SESC Vila Mariana, National Dance Coordination, International Angelopolitano Festival, International Oc’-Ohtic dance Festival and EINCE International Festival

2017’s presentations:

  • International Angelopolitano Festival
  • International Oc’-Ohtic dance Festival
  • EINCE International Festival
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