Laboratorio puntoD

We are a mexican cultural organization for live and scenic arts with our focus on national and international cooperation.

We operate since 2004 in the city of Guadalajara (Mexico) making art production, design of educational programs as well as collaboration and promotion platforms.

We have made exchanges with creators from Mexico, Spain, Uruguay, Italy, France and Belgium.

We have presented our work in festivals and theaters in Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, France and the Czech Republic.

Since 2012, we’ve designed and produced international cooperation projects with different creators, organisms, programs and institutions, mainly with:

  • Goethe-Institute Mexiko Since 2015 till date we’ve made cooperation projects between Germany and Mexico with the projects: Mexico-Germany International Encounter, Choreographic Creation Laboratory, Mobility for the german group SHIFTS, choreographic collaboration platform between germans and mexicans 5+, mobility for the german groups Anja Muller, Jared Gradinger, Felix Marchand and Lupita Pulpo.
  • Lucía Disalvo From 2016 till date we’ve made the following projects: choreographic creation and investigation platform of Argentinians in Mexico, on the subject of de disappeared body , production of the play TRUCO in Buenos Aires and mobility for the group Disalvo-Aguerreberry in Mexico.
  • International dance and movement center Fabrik Postdam (Germany) Since 2015 we’ve made the following projects: Choreographic Creation Laboratory, and we currently design a curatorship for an arts and climate festival 2019-2020 that will be held in Germany and Mexico. .
  • Carolina Nóbrega and Mariana Pimentel From 2017 till date we’ve made the following projects: creation residence for the play TERMITA (Termite), 1st International encounter of creators Brazil-Mexico within the EINCE International Festival and curatorship of Brazilian works for the 12th edition of the EINCE International Festival. .
  • Ciprian Marinescu From 2016, till date, we’ve made the following projects: performing arts program in academic education, IMAGO residence and residence program Romania-Mexico Cross Road.
  • Virginia Fornillo Since 2018 till date, we’ve made the design of promotion strategies of Argentine and Mexican creators.

Laboratory puntoD projects

  • International Contemporary Stage Arts Encounter (EINCE, in spanish).
  • Choreographic creation Laboratory.
  • MURA Platform in Fresno.
  • International cooperation platform. Networking with creators, managers and institutions in Mexico, Argentina, Germany, Brazil and Romania.
  • Artistic production of plays and pieces.
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