Is a search to represent in a world full of delusional representations, from politics of candidates for President that seem more like a photo session for Paris Hilton than the representatives we need, bur also the images of cyphers of disappeared persons: a detailed audiovisual tale about how the bodies of three filmmaking students disappeared, citizen mobilizations or the taking of the Niños Héroes (Boy Heroes, a Mexican historical myth) roundabout in Guadalajara, to produce an anti monument that shouts us a phrase: crisis in representation.

Producing a representation implies breaking representation itself in order to let the hilarious, the grotesque and the ironic tear apart the image. In this attempt, copies, divergencies, covers and versions appear.  


  • Original idea and Artistic direction: Olga Gutiérrez
  • Performers: Olga Gutiérrez y Kenji Kishi
  • Dramaturgical advice: Adrián Nuche
  • Sound design: Kenji Kishi
  • Scenic space, Projections and Lighting: Selene González
  • Collection of images: Selene González y Olga Gutiérrez
  • Texts: Olga Gutiérrez
  • Executive production: Nidia Beltrán
  • Promotion and publicity: Dolores Garnica
  • General production and Management design: Olga Gutiérrez
  • Production: Laboratorio puntoD
  • Co-production: National Dance Coordination of the National Institute of, Agite y Sirva International Festival, Four X Four International Festival, EINCE International Festival, Theorem Study and LARVA Art and Variety Laboratory.

This work was created in residence in Theorem Study and LARVA Art and Variety Laboratory.

2018’s presentations:

  • LARVA Art and Variety Laboratory. (GDL, México)
  • 10th edition Agite y Sirva International Festival (CDMX, México)
  • 10th edition Four X Four International Festival (Chiapas, México)
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