This third work questions Which other governance model could organize us?

If this piece is about the government, then the performer’s body is not the first thing that appears in stage as such, but through a conversation between creator and audience first in a screen and then in a phone call. Body is there, but doesn’t appear in a familial relationship.

“2016” is a call to autonomy, but also, it is an invitation to delirious participation because maybe delirium is the only thing that now allows us to live the event in its rawness, hope and vitality.


  • Original idea and Artistic direction: Olga Gutiérrez
  • Creative laboratory: Olga Gutiérrez, Rakhal Herrero y Celia Argüello
  • Scenic space and Lighting: Daniela López Ramos
  • Executive production: Daniela López Ramos
  • Production: Laboratorio puntoD

EstThis work was created in residence in Teatro Diana and LARVA Art and Variety Laboratory.

2016’s presentations

  • LARVA Art and Variety Laboratory (GDL, México)
  • Ciclo Danza en Teatro Alarife (GDL, México)
  • Chopo University Museum UNAM (CDMX, México)
  • Foro Apoc Apoc (CDMX, México)
  • International Dance Festival Multipla Danca (Florianopolis, Brasil)
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