The second play is a political statement of a performative act as a way of revolting against the condition of having to be representative, thus, two artists disobey their own representation, hack their own discourse and burst in an outbreak.

This is 2014: a dance that resists being danced, a halfway fight, a game of protest placards or superheroes trying to save the words of a modernist Mexican speech, established by the democratic system. Also a theater strike or a visual manifestation in face of the social, political and economical situation of Mexico, two years after the return of the PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) to Presidency.     


  • Original idea and Artistic direction: Olga Gutiérrez
  • Creative laboratory: Olga Gutiérrez y Temoc Camacho
  • Scenic space and Lighting: Daniela López Ramos
  • Executive production: Daniela López
  • Production: Laboratorio punto D

2014-2015 presentations

  • Experimental Theater of Jalisco (Guadalajara, México)
  • International Festival of Contemporary Dance of Uruguay FIDCU (Montevideo, Uruguay)
  • INTERFAZ MTY Festival (Monterrey, México)
  • INTERFAZ SN Festival (Sinaloa, México)
  • International Festival Red de Artes Vivas (Bogota, Colombia)
  • SCJ Wednesday’s Dance Program (Guadalajara, México)
  • FIDEBA International Festival (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

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