This is the present: a disillusion and a transition. This couple of images dance with each other and ask us: How much does present last? What it is present made of? How many decisions construct our present?

This is 2012: a map with an indecipherable location, brief instructions about what position to take, a back that resists in showing the face, a placard searching for a “Hero”, a frantic and uncontrollable laughter, an obsession to preserve and store instants and a woman apologizing for blindness in face of crisis. How much will this present last?


  • Original idea and Artistic direction: Olga Gutiérrez
  • Creative laboratory: Olga Gutiérrez y Temoc Camacho
  • Scenic space and Lighting: Daniela López Ramos
  • Executive production: Ivan Riegwlen
  • Production: Laboratorio puntoD

2012-2013 presentations

  • Experimental Theater of Jalisco (GDL, México)
  • Emmanuel Grivett Ettude (Toulusse, Francia)
  • L’Estruch, Creation Factory (Sabadell, España)
  • Nord Theater (Praga, República Checa)
  • Spain Cultural Center (CDMX, México)
  • 5th Contemporary dance Festival UNAM (CDMX, México)
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